99% inspiration 1% perspiration
You make what you love. You put it out there. If it takes to radio, cool.
If not, it doesn’t matter. The real heart of what’s happening here is us performing our songs in front of people… physically. And that’s unbeatable. It’s untouchable. It can’t be messed with and it’s always there to do. You can be crushed by the fact that you never got famous or you never had a number one hit, but when you’re in the club or in the theatre or in the arena – it doesn’t matter – and you gotta put on a show for those people. The magazine cover, the number one hit, none of it matters a bit because you gotta lay down this sick show and its within you to do that. And so that’s the attitude that we’ve carried from the beginning, and we’ve let things come to us, and they will and they do.
Scott Avett, Stockholm, Sweden. March 2, 2013.
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